At McGill University (as a Teaching Assistant)

Winter 2024
Fundamental of Statiscal Learning

Winter 2024
Theory of Computation

Fall 2023
Algebra I
Link for the Final Review Notes

Winter 2023
Linear Algebra and Geometry

Fall 2022
Discrete Structure

Winter 2022
Linear Algebra

Fall 2021
ODE for Engineers

Winter 2021
Calculus B

Fall 2020
Algebra I

Winter 2020
Honours ODEs

At Chinese University of Hong Kong (Undergraduate)

Year 2018/19
First Year Honours Class
Assist freshmen in acquiring prerequisite knowledge for first-year courses

Summer 2017, Summer 2015
Enrichment Programme for Young Mathematics Talents
Introduce university-level mathematics to interested high-school students

Teaching Samples (Links in Titles or Pictures)

In this video, I introduced my memorization techniques for linear algebra, or in general, mathematics.  I used to make up lots of stories to foster my memory.  Here I selected 4 important topics in linear algebra and tried to use my perspective to tell the story.
(Upload Date: Apr 15, 2023)

In this video, I introduced the theory of coordinates, transformation matrices and B-matrices in linear algebra.   This video focuses on presenting the notation I use, which I find it useful to parse in our mind.  This aligns with the concept in computer science that we should name the variables such that it is easy to comprehend, instead of giving it a single letter name. 
(Upload Date: Apr 4, 2023)

In this video, I introduced the subject of Linear Algebra.   This video focuses on the motivation of learning linear algebra and my personal philosophy of learning maths at university level.  No technical mathematical details are included.  This video aims to motivate students to learn maths in a way such that examples and theories are emphasized over mundane calculations.
(Upload Date: Jan 10, 2023)

In this short video, I introduced the proof by Strong Induction.  Ordinary mathematical induction is a prerequisite for this short video.
(Upload Date: Sep 22, 2022)

Since most of high school students have not received trainings for writing rigorous proofs, I decided to make this video so that students can understand the basic structures of proofs.
(Upload Date: Jan 19, 2022)